New Expressive Arts Academy Video lessons and curriculum are coming this May 2019! Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, WordPress, WP Bakery Visual Composer, and Online Marketing with the guidance of our Headmaster who works with students to develop and enhance their skills in the Digital Arts. Our Vocational skills training program is sponsored to provide these collegiate level classes free to our Veterans, Active Military and their eligible family members.



The Creative Drill Sergeants Vets Jam Band & Music Performance Program works to bring in veteran musicians to learn, for free, how to work together as a performance group and to provide an expressive outlet for songwriting development, comradery, musical skills improvement, and performance experience leading to public performance opportunities for veteran musicians. 

OUR MISSION: We help prevent homelessness and suicides by providing our veterans camaraderie, mentorship, family healing and valuable expressive arts industry vocational skills for economic stability and successful reintegration into civilian life.