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Sometimes the Smallest Step in the Right Direction
Ends Up Being the Biggest Step of Your Life.
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OUR MISSION: We help prevent homelessness and suicides by providing our veterans camaraderie, mentorship, family healing and valuable expressive arts industry vocational skills for economic stability and successful reintegration into civilian life.

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A CDS Workforce Development Vocational Skills Training Program

At Creative Drill Sergeants (CDS) our philosophy of using Expressive Arts to heal Veterans begins with healing their families too! We help our Veterans and their Family Units have successful integration into civilian life by providing a self-transformative healing experience through Expressive Arts, vocational skills, coping skills, life skills and Holistic mind-body-spirit philosophies and practices. 

CDS Expressive Arts Unit (EAU) Instructors support our EAU Members suffering from trauma and reintegration issues by eliminating barriers — such as stigma associated with mental health issues and disabilities – through creative expression and Holistic Healing. 

Creative Drill Sergeants, a wellness and workforce development organization designed to address the unique needs of Veterans, the disabled, and the elderly (sponsored by Technical Assistance Partnership of Arizona), meets adult learners where they are at through our intake process which allows us to provide educational strategies that offer the necessary motivational support, through mentorship and instruction, to build their self-confidence and success in the job market.   Veterans, the disabled, and the elderly may not have had educational success in the past, or have been away from education for some time, therefore, our creative technical and basic skills development instruction provides them with 8-week hands-on education and certification of completion.

Graphic Design and Media Arts

8 Week Certificate Program

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Drawing Classes
Watercolor Painting
Acrylic Painting
Metal Fabrication
Advanced Graphic Design
Container Gardening
Holistic Healing 

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