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Operation Enjoyable Employment; A CDS Expressive Arts Academy Vocational Skills Training Program.

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MSP Member Client Terms and Conditions = $65/year

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  • Membership Dues paid by Mission Support Program Member Clients sponsor CDS Veteran Families for free, quality instruction, and top-notch curriculum for training under Operation Enjoyable Employment. Your $65.00/year assists our Veteran Graphics and Media Arts student members to train for free, gain experiencial skills, and/or become entrepreneurs.
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Our fees are offered at a greatly discounted rate to further our outreach for community participation with Operation Enjoyable Employment.

We ask for additional time for Graphic Design, Media, and Printing Projects when submitting a job for our student Artists; as those jobs must allow for student learning time, project review and proof approvals by the Headmaster and the MSP Member Client before they can be completed, and production finalized (project review and proof approvals take up to 72 hours (or more depending on the project after submittal by students as completed). MSP Member Client projects may require a down payment before work commences. 

Interns are not employees of the CDS 501c3 Non-Profit.

Mission Support Program (MSP) Sponsors Operation Enjoyable Employment

Many service members leaving the military are not prepared for the transition and have a wide range of needs that cannot be easily provided by a single organization. Many Veteran support organizations are not organized to provide holistic support and are focused on meeting only the acute and chronic needs of veterans, such as homelessness, immediate or severe health issues, or acute or chronic unemployment. Very little attention is given to preventing these conditions or intervening early to avoid them from becoming chronic.

The CDS Mission and vision address these issues by providing multifaceted approaches to the reintegration needs of Veterans and their families. We collaborate with many other mission complimentary organizations to provide, quickly, resources that assist with the transition into civilian life. We provide an integrated approach to reintegration assistance, by not only providing creative technical skills training to assist with procuring enjoyable employment but also access to holistic healing modalities like naturopathic and homeopathic education.

Many of our Veteran students have never attended college, some never finished high school, and for those who did reach higher levels of educational attainment, it may have been many years since their last academic experience. CDS will provide a high-quality education program in several areas to include; Expressive Arts, Mentoring, and Holistic Healing. We meet adult learners where they are at through our intake process that allows us to provide education strategies that include creative technical and basic skills development instruction. We are assisting Veterans that may not have had educational success in the past, or have been away from education for some time with the necessary motivational support, through mentorship, to build their self-confidence and be successful.

Headmaster Lyle Dillie is an Adjunct Professor at Estrella Mountain Community College teaching Digital Arts in Avondale, AZ. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with an Interdisciplinary Arts Degree from Arizona State University. He is also an Interdisciplinary Artist, Iraqi War Veteran, and proud father of three boys.