“Arts help Veterans heal”: The arts can address one of the reasons a service member or veteran might avoid seeking treatment, since when using the arts, individuals can experience or express their thoughts and feelings without necessarily having to talk about or directly confront the trauma, if they are not ready. One of the most difficult experiences is the transition from military to civilian life. Approximately 14 percent of service members returning from Iraq or Afghanistan meet criteria for depression. Left untreated, depression can increase the chance of risky behaviors, damage relationships, create problems on the job, make it difficult to overcome serious illnesses or even lead to suicide (http://www.naco.org/articles/guest-column-arts-help-Veterans-heal).

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Self-healing and Renewal

Integrating Expressive Arts and Play Therapy with Adults: Toward Self-healing and Renewal http://ce.americanmentalhealthfoundation.org/

Veterans and Expressive Arts

Published on Jul 28, 2014 NVAM Art Therapist and veteran instructor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Suellen Semekoski, breaks down the VetCAT program, its importance to veterans in need, and why the program at the National Veterans Art Museum is paramount to helping veterans heal through art practices.

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Exploring Trauma through Expressive Art

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