Be the Creative Drill Sergeant Over Your Own Healing and Life!

Veterans, Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard Service Members, as well as spouses and children, can Join our Elite Expressive Arts Unit (EAU). 

Your Creative Drill Sergeant EAU membership includes FREE classes for you and your family; it also covers the application and verification process. 

Select Your Expressive Arts Unit Level Membership

 Gold or Platinum! 

Mission Support Program members (non-veterans/civilians) help sponsor veteran families to receive free classes and art supplies. Support Our Mission to Help Heal Veteran and Military Families Through Expressive Arts!  Donate and/or Join as a Member Today! 

Open to Veteran & Military Families

Expressive Arts Unit Membership

Open to the General Public

Mission Support Program Membership

EAU Membership
Veteran Individual or Family - Free Membership
One-time fee

  • Scholarship to the Graphic Design and Printing Instructional classes that open opportunities for our member students to establish a portfolio and gain employable skills in the Graphic Design and Printing industry through the Veteran Artists Employment Project.
  • Access to the Veteran Artists Employment Project (VAEP) for our member students to earn income as Graphic Design Artists for Our MSP Member Clients after successful completion of instructional courses.
  • Unlimited sponsored access to all short-term on-site Expressive Arts Unit (EAU) instructional classes (most supplies and materials furnished). Student are always welcome to bring their own supplies or tools
  • Supplies and materials provided for long-term or advanced instructional classes. A small software usage and book fee may be required.
  • Unlimited access to member portal for online tips and tricks, additional instruction, and other member perks to further develop of Expressive Arts industry skills.
  • Child Expressive Arts Instruction classes will be available while EAU Member parents’ attend adult only instructional classes.  Limited space available so please be sure to mark the ages and number of your children when you enroll for instruction.

We verify All Members?

…We have youth and children on site at the Expressive Arts Academy! The safety of all our members, volunteers, and the staff is paramount. Membership fees pay for the application and verification of member identities, as well as the identities of volunteers and staff who may interact with your youth and children at the Academy.
Mission Support Program
Individual $45 or Family $65
Civilian Membership-Open to General Public

  • Access to all on-site, short-term, Expressive Arts instructional classes if space is available.
  • Reduced pricing for quality instruction in our Graphics and Media Arts Programs.
  • Access to our member portal and online instructional content to further develop Expressive Arts skills.
  • Assistance with most art supplies for long-term or advanced instructional classes.
  • Youth and Child Classes available at a discounted rate (ages 5-14 =$3.00 for 1st child & $2.00 for each additional child per class)
  • Limited space available so please be sure to mark Child Classes and number of children on the application when you enroll for instruction.
  • Membership Dues paid by Mission Support Program Members allow CDS to waive class fees for our Veterans, Military, and their families. Your costs provide our Veterans children and youth with concurrent Expressive Arts Programs and help CDS to provide offer quality instruction and top-notch curriculum for our Veteran Families participating in our Veteran Artist Employment Project!

Employ Our Veteran Graphic and Media Artists as a

Mission Support Program Member Client!


Mission Support Program Member Clients

MSP Member Client

  • Anyone can join the Mission Support Program as a Member Client to employ our veteran artists and their eligible youth in the Veteran Artist Employment Project (VAEP).
  • MSP Member Client = $65/year
    • Membership Dues paid by Mission Support Program Member Clients allow CDS to offer scholarships for free, quality instruction and top-notch curriculum for our Veteran Families training to participate in our VAEP!
    • Your Donation of $65.00/year covers the Adobe Creative Cloud access and Book Fees required for our Veteran Family Graphics and Media Arts student members to be certified to work for the VAEP.
    • MSP Member Clients will have the most qualified graphic artist from the Veteran Artist Employment Project selected by our Graphics and Media Arts Headmaster to perform their graphic design and printing jobs so they gain experience in taking your jobs from design to print.
    • Every project MSP Member Clients hire our VAEP Members for in Graphic Designs and Printing, 70% of net profit (minus production costs) are paid to the Artist and CDS retains 30% of net profit to cover operations of the enjoyable employment workforce development program.
    • MSP Member Client Benefits:
      • Unlimited use of the VAEP to hire Veterans and their youth 15 and up for production of Graphic Designs and Printing at Wholesale Prices.

    Printing for the Mission Support Program Member Clients are offered at a greatly discounted rate to further our outreach for community participation with the CDS VAEP and our Mission Support Program. We have the support of several printing businesses around the Valley that can provide “On the Job Training (OJT)” for the printing side of Graphic Design, which cannot typically be ascertained from most Graphic Design curriculum or training programs.

    Additional opportunities for EAU Members in the VAE Project to earn income and gain experience in other types of Expressive Arts will be developed as CDS builds its Mission Support Program. For example, EAU Members will be able to create artwork in other forms of Expressive Arts for MSP Member Clients on commission or at a per job rate i.e. a commissioned paintings/sculptures etc. and photography, music, written blog pieces or other creative writing and much more as the MSP and VAE Project grows.