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Open To Veterans & The General Public


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CDS offers quality instruction and a top-notch curriculum for our Veteran families and Our Community. 

Membership is required to sign up for classes and workshops.


Open to Veteran & Military Families

  • Unlimited sponsored access to all short-term, on-site Expressive Arts Unit (EAU) instructional classes (most supplies and materials furnished). Students are always welcome to bring their own supplies or tools.
  • Supplies and materials provided for long-term or advanced instructional classes.
  • Unlimited access to member portal for online tips and tricks, additional instruction, and other member perks to further develop Expressive Arts industry skills.
  • Please note: Child Expressive Arts Instruction classes will be available while EAU Member parents’ attend the adult only instructional classes. Limited space available, so please be sure to mark the ages and number of your children when you enroll for instruction.

We are open to the public as a community center!

Community members who join our Expressive Arts Academy Mission Support Program can attend all Expressive Arts Workshops and classes we offer that are open to the general public. 

MSP Member Clients = Businesses/Organizations/Individuals

  • Anyone can join the Mission Support Program as a Member Client
  • Paid projects offered by Mission Support Program Member Clients sponsor CDS Veteran and student members for free, quality instruction, and top-notch curriculum for vocational skills training/real-world job experience under Operation Enjoyable Employment. 
  • MSP Member Client Benefits: Unlimited discounted pricing on all Visual Content Creation and Film projects. And, access to wholesale pricing on all of our Printing and Promotional Products.
  • Project fees charged to our Member Clients are offered at a greatly discounted rate to further our outreach for community participation with Operation Enjoyable Employment Workforce Development Program.

We ask for additional time to complete projects. We must allow additional time for student learning, project review and approval by the Headmaster and the MSP Member Client before they can be completed, and production finalized. MSP Member Client projects may require a down payment before work commences.

Veteran and student interns are not employees of the CDS 501c3 Non-Profit but are eligible to earn stipends or 1099 Income as they progress through their vocational skills training.