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CDS Supports Holistic Healing

Our Holistic Healing Program (HHP) Program is intended to enhance body, spirit, and emotional mindfulness by using alternative healing educational workshops and modality demonstrations. Scroll down to read more about our Holistic Healing Program and available workshops.

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Headmaster of Holistic Healing Program, Dr. Jessyca Franco-Chavez N.D.

She is a graduate of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ. “Naturopathic Medicine is a unique profession that encompasses treating the patient as an individual while looking toward the entire body for understanding patient health, not just treating the signs and symptoms that a disease may display. While treating the actual cause of illness and patient concern, the entire organism is regarded, this, in turn, minimizes the occurrence of symptoms and healing of the body can take place. Naturopathic physicians emphasize prevention and natural approaches using combined integrative therapies that encompass traditional allopathic medical science models and physiologic understandings while implementing the naturopathic modalities, which include: acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, physical medicine, nutrition, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, botanical medicine, mind-body therapy and minor surgery.  We use the science behind natural therapeutics with regard to clinical based research design.  We are experts in understanding the philosophy of integrative medicine as well as cultivate the practice of diagnosing to not only treat but prevent illness.”

MOTHER'S DAY IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! Make some great gifts to keep or give away! May 11, 2018, at 1:30 pm.

DIY Make and Take Workshop

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We will be utilizing some of the best essential oil products out there from a company that is well-known for its quality and potency. Yes! I am talking about Young Living. We will use Young Living essential oils and Savvy Minerals to make gifts for yourself or that someone special.

Cost of supplies = $10

Included in this Workshop:

Your choice of Diffuser Jewelry – 1 piece / Optional at $10 day of class

Savvy Minerals Bath Salts infused with Young Living Essential Oils

Make Your Own Essential Oils Inhaler for easing allergy discomfort

Body Créme infused with essential oils

Young Living Essential Oils Education

Time to hang- out and have some fun with your friends.

**Supplies are included in the cost.

The Power of Light Workshop



Join Us for A FREE Light Energy Session & an Educational Workshop


Friday, May 18, 2018
Free Presentation: 4:00pm
Q&A & Free Sessions from 4:30 to 6:00

Learn How Light Energy Supports:

A Balanced Body, Mind & Spirit Resting, Digesting & Healing, Reduced Stress, Pain & Inflammation, Increased, Immunity & Cell Rejuvenation from Skin to Bone All Year Long.
Increased Cellular Metabolism & Detoxification, Higher Vibrational Living
Wellness Empowered as a Perfect Clinic or Home Wellness Tool for the Whole Family


Expressive Arts Academy
503 W. Hatcher Rd.,
Phoenix, AZ 85021

The Workshop is Free.

Free 20 minute light sessions are limited. Please contact us to reserve your spot.

Marva & Jim Harvey of BioPhotonic Therapy Solutions
will be conducting the Workshop.
(407) 399-5216, BioPhotonicTherapy@gmail.com

Holistic Healing Expert, Karen Janusz.

Karen Janusz is a Certified Nutritionist through the American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists (AASDN), an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Instructor, a Certified Brain Fitness Facilitator through the American Senior Fitness Association of America, and a Reiki and Reflexology Practitioner.
Ms. Janusz has been involved in the Health and Wellness industry for over 25 years in Phoenix, AZ and has been instrumental in improving the quality of life and health for hundreds of clients through proper nutrition, exercise, behavior modification, aromatherapy, and mind-body-spirit modalities. She has extensive experience in the fitness industry both as a Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and Supervisor at the Boulders Resort and Spa for 15 years, in management at Hi-Health for 12 years, and in management, sales and training at International Health Spa for 8 years. Her holistic approach to health includes traditional protocols e.g. body composition testing, blood pressure checks, as well as the advanced proprietary Zyto technology which creates a 14-18 page report showing various digital signatures that represent a body’s preferences for supplements, essential oils, and body systems that are out of balance. It also indicates specific therapies that can help bring a person back into balance physically, mentally, and emotionally. Ms. Janusz lectures and conducts workshops on topics related to health and nutrition and is available for private counseling and coaching as well as group sessions. Helping individuals regain their health physically, mentally, and emotionally is Karen’s primary goal. Her passion is to help her clients achieve and maintain optimal health. Ms. Janusz’s hobbies are playing the piano and organ, hiking, working out, and reading. Her favorite times are spent with her family, her children, and grandchildren.
Member of Southwest Veterans Chamber of Commerce
Member of Holistic Referral Network
Member of Simply Networking North Valley
Organist/pianist at Christ Anglican Church in Cavecreek, AZ

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Workshops Coming Back Soon!

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Brain Fitness Workshops

Have Fun While Increasing Mental Muscle!

This innovative workshop will give you an opportunity to explore and exercise your magnificent brain. We now know that the adult brain retains the characteristic of plasticity, which is its capacity to specialize and grow. With this knowledge, we can slow down the degenerative cognitive loss that is commonly associated with aging. During this Brain Fitness workshop, we will access the different intelligences and incorporate exercises that activate the functions of the brain. This process increases neurogenesis (the ability to increase brain cells, and dendrites), thereby improving memory. Feel free to register and join us in learning more about:

  • The role that stress plays in brain health
  • Exercises that can increase brain power
  • Aromatherapy and its effects on the brain
  • The importance of nutrition for brain health
  • Important facts about improving our brain’s overall fitness

Holistic Healing Expert, Karen Janusz.
Karen Janusz 
is a Certified Nutritionist through the American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists (AASDN), an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and an ACE Certified Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Instructor, a Certified Brain Fitness Facilitator through the American Senior Fitness Association of America, and a Reiki and Reflexology Practioner/Instructor. Practitioner. https://www.creativedrillsergeants.org/biographies-creative-drill-sergeants-team/


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Express Your Voice During Our “Envision Your Vision Board with the Aroma Freedom Technique”

Surviving and Thriving by Focusing on Our Dreams and Life Goals!

We Will Be Using Vision Boards, Along with Aroma Freedom Techniques, to Envision Our Dreams and Goals Together. The Aroma Freedom Technique is a process that uses essential oils to anchor permanent shifts in our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes and will be used to introduce the healing effects of essential oils and how they can help translate into freedom from struggles that may hold us back from achieving our true potentials.

Workshop Goals: We are combining a Vision Board development exercise along with the Aroma Freedom Technique, taught by our expert Karen Janusz, to assist our women Veterans to Envision their future goals and dreams in a safe environment.

Holistic Wellness

We, coach, teach, train, inspire, challenge, and motivate our clients to seek mindfulness in their eating, strength in their bodies, and transformation in their mindset to achieve their goals and dreams and reach their highest potential.

-Karen Janusz

Holistic Healing Program (HHP) Healing Our Community by Bridging the Gaps in Modern Healthcare

The rationale for Holistic Healing Homeopathic Healing Program:

• Holistic Healing is rooted in nature and is an integral part of many cultural traditions. The practice of today’s modern healthcare focuses on disease prevention and treatments that include pharmaceuticals to achieve overall health. Consumers seeking a safe and practical alternative to traditional medicine and pharmaceuticals seek out naturopathic and homeopathic modalities like meditation, yoga, massage, acupuncture and desire nutraceutical alternatives to prescription medicine. Making holistic healing ideology and practice accessible and available to veteran families serves to strengthen the CDS Mission and Vision for healing our Veterans’ families as cohesive units. From a veteran’s perspective, naturopathy and homeopathy provide effective alternatives to traditional medicine, but cannot be easily obtained from the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). We aim to demonstrate that holistic healing modalities are effective alternatives to pharmaceuticals and can be used to enhance traditional medical protocols used to treat veterans.
The CDS Holistic Healing Program (HHP) Program is intended to expose participants to alternative healing modalities that can enhance mind, body, spirit, and emotional connections through education and exposure.

Holistic Healing Ideology and Practice is important because:

A veteran’s psychological challenges may manifest as physical symptoms. On the other hand, some of their physical challenges may also be manifested in psychological symptoms. Therefore, having a holistic model, like the one practiced by naturopathic and homeopathic practitioners, may be more beneficial in promoting wellness as it identifies the unique aspects of each patient and then employs non-toxic, natural therapies to restore physiological and psychological balance.
Naturopathic and homeopathic healing modalities restore mind-body-spirit balance and complement our Mission because it provides a natural and safe way to treat pain, release negative energy and traumatic experiences through meditation, yoga, massage, acupuncture and more, along with nutraceutical alternatives to prescription medicine.
It is a holistic healthcare model, which many Veterans need as an alternative to traditional Western medicine. Instead of focusing on a single symptom, Naturopathy and homeopathy focus on restoring an individual’s physiological, psychological and spiritual health.
Naturopathy and homeopathy are often a more cost-effective treatment protocol than those of traditional medicine. Veterans, like any other consumer, is looking to make sure they get the most for their money.
The treatment uses natural substances instead of chemical-based pharmaceutical products. This alternative is better for most because it reduces the side effects of medications, as well as the complications that may occur with drug interactions of multiple medications. CDS hopes to offer Medical Cannabis and CBD Programs for Veterans to:
Lead the Veterans community in removing stigmas associated with medical cannabis and CBD.

  • Provide high-quality educational programs focusing on the peer-reviewed literature available that conceptually supports the therapeutic effects of CBD and medical cannabis in the treatment of chronic and acute pain, as well as treatments for a variety of other ailments and diseases.
  • Integrate medical cannabis and CBD into our other holistic healing modalities such as nutrition, aromatherapy, yoga & massage will demonstrate how CBD and medical cannabis can be used to enhance successful outcomes these modalities can produce when practiced appropriately.
  • Develop an exceptional, practical knowledge base on current research of medical cannabis and CBD to provide high-quality educational training about legal products available to Veterans as alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals for effective pain treatments that can replace highly addictive opiates.
  • Educate Veterans in the language of medical cannabis and CBD to increase confidence in conversations with Veterans because the Department of Veteran Affairs has not embraced CBD and medical cannabis as effective healing modalities or alternatives to traditional western medicine. CDS feels it is the responsibility of its holistic healing mission to provide as much education and legal access to these alternatives.
  • Learn as an organization how to broach the topic of medical cannabis and CBD with Veterans who may not appear open-minded because they are not yet aware of or have been misled about medical cannabis and CBD through high-quality educational information that demonstrates their healing benefits.
  • Increase Veteran understanding & appropriate application of the various medical cannabis and CBD forms and their modes of administration to heal Veterans.

CDS Holistic Healing Program (HHP) Credentialed volunteers:

Our Headmaster of Holistic Healing: Dr. Jessyca Franco-Chavez, N.D.

Chief Mental Health Officer and Headmaster of Mentorship: Jane Garcia, Ph.D. Candidate; (Education Psychology)

Holistic Healing Board of Directors: Jarrett St Amand and Karen Janusz

Additional Practitioners:
▪ Will Nelson, 6th & 7th Degree Black Belt Martial Artist;
Fuji Kai, School of the Tiger; Tao-Om Qi Gong
▪ Renae Ogle, MA; LCSW, Mental Health Advisor
▪ More to be listed soon

Headmaster Jane Garcia, (Ph.D. candidate)

Mentorship/ Mental Health Maintenance Program

Mentoring is important, not only because of the knowledge and skills students can learn from mentors but also because mentoring provides professional socialization and personal support to facilitate success in continuing education and beyond. Quality mentoring greatly enhances the Veteran’s, and their families, chances for success with continuing education and the reintegration process.

Beliefs, Strategies, Objectives

Foundational CDS Beliefs:

  • Mentoring is a long-term journey requiring perseverance;
  • Mentors do not try to produce a “mini-me;”
  • Mentoring focuses on changing people from the inside, not on the outside;
  • Mentoring relationships have profound effects on both partners.

Our fundamental mentoring strategy is that “both partners develop competence and character by …

  1. Discovering their gifts, talents, and passions;
  2. Dealing with their personal pain and life struggles;
  3. Becoming effective problem-solvers; and
  4. Determining short- and long-term life goals.

Our objectives particularly aimed at the children and teens we serve:

  • To provide youth with long-term mentoring to promote creative success.
  • To provide youth with career mentors and career exploration programs to enable them to

learn about their skills and passions and to define personal creative career goals.

  • To provide youth with a range of opportunities and resources to explore their post–high school options including but not limited to: technical and apprenticeship training, community college programs and associate degrees, four-year college/university degrees, professional degrees, and military programs. Our focus remains on creativity careers.

Rationale for strategies and objectives:

Mentoring is the answer to unfilled needs that are holding our Veterans back.

  • Affective issues vitally impact reintegration achievement: Veterans views of their own abilities, the responsibility they take on for their own lives and futures, their aspirations, and their network of support when they need help.
  • Attention to motivation through career exploration can improve Veteran willingness to expend the effort required to master difficult, technical subjects to further their workforce development.

• The consistent emphasis on relationship and multifaceted interventions can be as powerful as highly qualified teachers and rigorous curriculum in furthering academic achievement.


Core beliefs and Components
The Mental Health/Mentoring Program is intended to enhance mind and body connections through education, leadership skills, family healing, and camaraderie.

Component 1: Mental Health
 -Life/coping skills
-Spatial Relationships
-consider safe space between people
-step back – physical space
-Mindful – define personal space 2’
-Are you in someone’s personal space?
-Signs of discomfort
-Physical Cues – non-verbal/verbal

Component 2: Mentoring (Goal Setting/Goal Planning/Goal Execution)
-Mentoring:  Learning/Program
-Goal setting and creating a plan to reach goals
-Student healthy lifestyle
-Focus Identification
– What are your spiritual beliefs?
– How do your goals align with your spiritual beliefs
– Distinguishing Interpersonal and professional goals with Headmaster

Vice President and Headmaster of Mentoring Program, Jane Garcia.

She served in the US Army for ten years. After exiting from military service, she became a science educator working at different levels of the k-12 school system. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis in Cognition and Instruction. Her areas of research interest are women veterans’ issues and education.

Life’s Motto: Do the right thing. Do the best you can. Respect the people around you

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