Learn Amazing Expressive Arts Industry Skills in Graphic Design and Website Development

Graphic Design and WordPress Website Development Classes

Spring 2018

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WordPress 1

Starts January 9, 2018 (8 Week Course) Tuesday's and Thursday's, 1 pm to 2:30 pm

Adobe Illustrator 1

Starts January 9, 2018 (8 Week Course) Tues and Thurs, 3 pm to 4:30 pm

Adobe PhotoShop I

Starts February 10 (8 Week Course) Saturday's, 9 am - 11:50 am

Adobe Creative Cloud + Book are Available During Open Lab Hours
Reduced Cost Adobe Creative Cloud Available for at Home Use (CEO Approval Required)
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Veterans and their Youth Age 15 Up - Memberships and Classes are Free 
Public MSP Members - Membership Fee + $26.50 per week (8 weeks certification) after the 25% Member Discount. Plus, a One Time Cost $25 Adobe Suite Usage + $40 Book Fee

Consider using WordPress for a new website! 

WordPress software allows anyone to create and edit new web pages and blog “posts” using only a web browser. No knowledge of HTML or other code is required. The WordPress editing interface is very easy to use. It works a lot like simple word-processing software. And, the site administrator can grant various levels of access to others, allowing them to contribute to the website/blog. Because the interface is web-based, creating and editing pages can be done from anywhere with an Internet connection.

What Can You Really Do With Adobe Illustrator?

Many people are intimidated by Adobe Illustrator (AI) because they believe they have no artistic skill. They think, "I can’t draw on paper, so how can I draw on the computer?" While self-doubt is understandable, there is good news... Adobe Illustrator doesn’t require any prior knowledge of drawing or painting. You can use this program to create freehand drawings. But you can also import a photograph and use that photograph as a guide to trace and re-color a particular subject, turning it into a work of art that looks as though you drew it freehand.

Learn how to take amazing photos from almost any camera and turn them into works of art.

Used by artists and designers around the world, Adobe Photoshop is a program that can inspire and captivate everyone and it is the predominant photo editing and manipulation software on the market. Its uses range from the full-featured editing of large batches of photos to creating intricate digital paintings and drawings that mimic those done by hand.

Vocational Skills Training for Veterans and their Youth Age 15-up

Our Expressive Arts Unit (EAU) Member students will have the opportunity to learn graphic design skills, printing skills, as well as WordPress Website development and maintenance skills onsite at the Expressive Arts Academy (EAA). Once our EAU Member students complete our required Instructional courses, they can engage in real-world graphic design, printing and website jobs for our MSP Member Clients and earn a 70% commission on their work.

Printing for the Mission Support Program Member Clients is offered at a greatly discounted rate to further our outreach for community participation with the CDS VAEP and our Mission Support Program. We have the support of several printing businesses around the Valley that can provide “On the Job Training (OJT)” for the printing side of Graphic Design, which cannot typically be ascertained from most Graphic Design curriculum or training programs.

Additional opportunities for EAU Members in the VAE Project to earn income and gain experience in other types of Expressive Arts will be developed as CDS builds its Mission Support Program. For example, EAU Members will be able to create artwork in other forms of Expressive Arts for MSP Member Clients on commission or at a per job rate, i.e.,  commissioned paintings/sculptures etc., and photography, music, written blog pieces or other creative writing and much more as the MSP and VAE Project grows.

Digital Photography/Photo Editing Class Available!

Our expert photographer, Bert Marley will guide you in building photography skills that will enhance your graphic design and/or website development career!

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