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Digital Photography Expert Instructor Bert Marley became a Freelance photographer in the late 80’s when he started ImageArt. Bert has worked as a wedding photographer and travel photographer with travels to Scotland, England, France, Germany, Austria, as well as the Greek Islands and many locations in the US. He has worked with all sizes of cameras from 35mm to a 4” x 5” large format studio camera and with all kinds of flash and “hot lights.” His most recent self-assignment was to photograph the “Great American Eclipse” in Idaho to capture Solar Corona images.

Digital Photography Expert

As an expert, I will help you build a strong digital photography knowledge base through one of my three classes designed to enhance your skills. Check out the 8 weeks classes below and sign-up to take the level that matches the skills desired so we can build them together!

Instructor Bert Marely

Travel Away

When you take any one of my classes, I will introduce you to the wonders of photographing amazing vistas and subjects around the world.

Three Digital Photography Classes Available for all Learning Levels

Introduction to Digital Photography
This class is for those who are either brand new to digital photography or feel they need basic skills assistance beyond the basic “Point and Shoot”. We will be looking at what type of
photography you are looking to do and what kind of camera you will need for that type of photography.
We will look at the reasons behind different choices of cameras and the economic driving factors. Once it is decided what kind of camera will be best for you we will focus on the initial setup of your camera; whether it is a new camera or one that you have had and used for a while but are intimidated by all the different choices in the “Menu”.
Beginning/Intermediate Digital Photography
This class focuses on learning to use your camera to achieve capturing the images you desire.
Fixed lens bridge cameras, interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras, and digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras will be compared and the uses of each explored. Again, what you are looking for as a final product of your images will dictate what type equipment you use. This class will focus on the aesthetics and craftsmanship of the use of the digital camera and accessories. Knowledge beyond the basic camera functions is required. The class will look at the addition and/or subtraction of light and how it will affect your images. “Hot Lights” versus flash versus “natural light” will be featured along with filters and their uses.
Advanced Digital Photography – Portfolio or file of previous work is a prerequisite for this class and needs to be assessed by the instructor.
This class is for those who have mastered their 35mm size photography and would like to
explore the next step in photographic formats – Medium Format and/or Large Format photography. We will explore what can be accomplished with the larger formats. We will explore the why of the larger format cameras and how that mind set can be used in other aspects of the photographic process. This is an exploratory class and possession or access to larger equipment is not necessary, but in-depth photographic knowledge is necessary.

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