Classes and Workshop Catalog

Why not start out with a Bootcamp beginner’s course today!

If you’re looking for a place to build your skill set, look no further! Creative Drill Sergeants Expressive Arts Academy offers many in person and online courses on Adobe, WordPress and Web Design, Visual Design, Online Marketing and more.

If you want something beyond the basics, we’ve got you covered.  Our advanced courses build on the fundamentals you learn in this course to give a more in-depth look at everything you can do with this versatile program. We also have access to tips and tricks available through the online member portal.

[edupro_icon_box icon_position=”top-center” text_align=”center” title=”Certification of Completion” icon=”fa fa-certificate” text=”Each class comes with an CDS Expressive Arts Academy Certificate to use to help some off your new design skills to possible employers.”]

[edupro_icon_box icon_position=”top-center” text_align=”center” title=”Focus on Portfolio” icon=”fa fa-briefcase” text=”Every class has opportunities for creating works that can go directly into a portfolio to help you land a perfect job.”]

How to sign up for classes.

[edupro_icon_box icon_position=”top-center” text_align=”center” title=”Step 1″ icon=”fa fa-user-circle-o” text=”Become a member and login”]

[edupro_icon_box icon_position=”top-center” text_align=”center” title=”Step 2″ icon=”fa fa-volume-control-phone” text=”Decide Which Classes or Workshops You Want”]

[edupro_icon_box icon_position=”top-center” text_align=”center” title=”Step 3″ icon=”fa fa-pencil-square-o” text=”Once membership is active – Sign up for classes”]

[edupro_icon_box icon_position=”top-center” text_align=”center” title=”Step 4″ icon=”fa fa-money” text=”Veterans Are Free or General Public Pay for Classes”]

All steps can be done during the Class Signup/Advisor meeting.

Online Classes