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About Fuji-Kai

Fuji-Kai is a discipline of self-defense, which is a combination of many forms of Kung-Fu from the province of China, and Sappo Jujitsu from Japan. Fuji got its name to honor the place of origin, Mount Fujiyama (Fuji). “Kai” means organization or club. Unlike most martial arts, which focuses on strikes (punches and kicks), Fuji-Kai teaches oneself how to use your opponents own strength and aggressive energy to your advantage, and to their surprise! This is similar to Aikido.

Exercising these techniques will enhance self-confidence and help the body and mind relax. Overcome your fears by learning this effective method of self-defense. 

Fuji Kai

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm, or 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Monday’s and Friday’s

About Toa-Omm Qigong

Toa-Omm Qigong is a low impact martial art that is for everyone, including children, disabled and senior citizens. This is a level one beginner class that teaches Qigong exercises designed to help prepare the body and mind to be more receptive to Chi Energy flow. The gentle rhythmic movements of Toa-Omm Qigong reduces stress, builds stamina, increases vitality and enhances the immune system. It has also been found to improve cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic, and digestive functions.

Toa-Omm Qigong

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm, or 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Monday’s and Friday’s

Fuji- Kai and Toa-Omm Qigong
The instructor for the Fuji- Kai, and Toa-Omm Qigong class, Senai Will Nelson, is a sixth-degree Black-belt Martial Artist and he is also a Veteran! All classes are modified for every skill level of a student. These classes are specially designed to assist those with a disability or physical limitations learn modified defensive techniques.

 FREE Memberships and Classes for Veterans and Their Families! No Martial Arts Uniform Required!

Classes Can Be Joined at Any Time! Call 602-842-4400 Option 2 with Questions

Age 10 to Adult – (Parent Must Stay on Property for Children Under 15). Signed Release of Liability Required for children 15-17 to be on Property without Parental Supervision

Veteran Members-No Cost
General Public Member Cost-$22.50/4-week billing cycle
General Public Non-member Cost-$30/4-week billing cycle


• dynamic body movements that promote balance, flexibility, strength, and range of motion while sitting, standing or walking
• static standing postures that promote balance and concentration
• static sitting postures that are the foundation for meditation
• breathing practices that promote oxygenation, relaxation, and concentration and foster self-awareness
• meditation practices for concentration and focus
• self-administered massage, which accelerates natural healing mechanisms
• information about complementary and holistic healthcare (e.g., natural healing, diet, longevity or vitality enhancement, and philosophies that foster inner peace)

6th Degree Blackbelt Martial Arts Expert
Shihan/Sensei & Roku Dan, Will Nelson

About the Instructor

Shihan/Sensei & Roku Dan, Will Nelson. I began my martial arts training in 1963 at the age of 9, fencing with my mother, Evelyn Elliott Nelson (fencing champion in the state of Virginia). Since then, I have trained and studied: Shaolin Do, Karate, Boxing, Fencing, Wrestling, Tae Kwan Do, Aikido and even received a Paladin Knighthood in 1989, until I met my ultimate sensei — whom I addressed as OSensei (Great Teacher) — Ron Fugiel, a 9th degree Black belt and Grand Master of Fuji-Kai, School of the Tiger, as well as Grand Master and founder of Taoom Qi-Gong. I then became one of his most devoted disciples and a master of both disciplines. I owe all of this to Ron Fugiel. I feel delighted and deeply privileged to honor Ron Fugiel’s memory by passing on and sharing these precious arts with you, while I attempt to continue his lifelong legacy with gratitude.

Welcome, all!  Aloha and Namaste!

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General Public

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